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I started this blog while I was drunk…

And that’s pretty much the way a lot of my new ventures start. With a bottle of wine and a brilliant* idea.

But I’m very much not a writer so I don’t really know the reason for doing this. Maybe it started with my visit to my therapist last week.

It was my first visit and besides the normal “why are you here? how do you think these sessions will help? why are you so incredibly fucked up?**” questions, she asked me “so what are your hobbies” and I sat there like an asshole trying to think about what I like to do. And I realized I’ve somehow become incredibly boring.

I mumbled something about liking to cook (because hey, I like to eat) and something about reading (though I left off the part about pretty much only reading the really perverted erotica I find online) and decided it wasn’t the time to admit my favorite pastime… wine tasting. And when I say wine tasting, I really mean wine drinking in large quantities.

But after I left I really thought about how I don’t do anything anymore. And part of that is the depression, because after a long day at work pretending to be upbeat and happy I’m too fucking exhausted to learn to play ultimate frisbee or hell even to learn to knit.

And so really the idea started at least a little bit then. When I left my therapists office and headed home. But it didn’t REALLY start until last night after about the 4th glass of wine when I thought “I could start a blog about all the new hobbies I’m going to try”. And in all honestly I’m probably going to have a blog about all the hobbies I’ll think about trying but in reality not do because you have to buy too much shit that I will only use once, or it involves going out and meeting new people and that thought terrifies me these days. But it’s worth a try right? It’ll give me a reason to try all those crafty things and recipes I’ve been pinning on Pintrest.

At the very least my new hobby can be this blog… of course with my track record of starting new things it’s likely that this will be the first of only 3 posts.

And at this point I’ve┬árealized I’ve gone about this whole thing back assward and not even introduced myself. But maybe I’ll save that for tomorrow.

*actual brilliance not guaranteed

**she didn’t actually ask me why I’m fucked up but it was in the subtext, trust me.

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