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Crazy with a plan

I try my hardest not to go grocery shopping on the weekends. I hate the crowds and the stock isn’t as good as it is on Tuesday/Wednesday. Usually I can go midday on a weekday because I have random days off. But I had today off and no weekdays off so I got myself somewhat dressed, (yoga pants, a sweatshirt and my Toms) threw my hair in a ponytail, and left the grocery store.

It wasn’t until I pulled into the grocery store parking lot that I realized I had on no make up and I’m pretty sure I had skipped the deodorant too! EEEEK! I did a quick sniff and determined I wasn’t likely to smell up the place and prepared to brave the hordes.

To say it was crowded is an understatement. Not to mention the “sample ladies” were out in full force trying to get me to try their delicious nuggets of diet ruiners. I managed to steer clear and get all of my shopping done. I spent a bit more than I was planning, but I also stocked up so I should be good to go on everything but produce for the next two weeks. It was great to walk in knowing exactly what I needed and where I needed to look to find it. I was in and out in under an hour which is GREAT for a weekend shopping trip! Planning ahead definitely made a difference.


(so there is a lot more than this but I didn’t have enough counter space to show it all).

So once I was home I set to work getting things together to make my meals super easy this week.

I started by popping a few chicken breasts and water in the crock pot  When it’s done it will be shredded and used for my salads, wraps and tacos.

Then I pulled out my new food scale and made some sandwiches for the week. I figured it was easier to measure out the lunch meat all at once than to get out the scale every day. I made 4 sandwiches that I put in individual bags and then tossed them all in a larger freezer bag. Now in the mornings I’ll just need to toss one of the sandwiches into the fridge and when lunch rolls around I can just pop it on the panini press for a minute or two and enjoy!

I also made up a few breakfast sandwiches to freeze. I got the recipe from a friend, tweaked it a bit and ended up with something easy, low cal and yummy. Each sandwich is one English muffin, two baked egg whites (if you use a muffin top pan they end up the perfect size!), one slice of cheddar cheese and one turkey sausage patty. They come in at about 230 calories.

Next up was measuring out chips. I bought a bunch of different baked chips (Doritos, Lays, Tostitos), broke out my handy dandy food scale and got to measuring.


I put each serving in a plastic bag, labeled them with the calorie count and put them back in the original bag for storage. I even made a bag with the left over crumbs to add to a taco salad for some crunch.


This is great because if you buy the individual serving sized bags it’s ridiculously expensive. It’s also a good idea to do measure them out ahead of time because if you’re anything like me you have no control around an open bag of chips!

Finally I worked on my last project of the day: cinnamon sugar almonds (and ok, I used Truvia so that I didn’t add any calories). I mixed some truvia, cinnamon and water, added the almonds and then poured them on to a baking sheet. They’re in the oven as we speak and I’ll let you know if they’re a worthwhile snack as soon as I try them! They smell great at least.


I’m counting this day as a success. I still need to measure out my oatmeal and add the seasonings that I like but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

The almonds are almost done and they smell fantastic so I’m about to go have a treat!


Edited: The almonds were YUM!

Cinnamon Almonds

1tsp Cinnamon

2 TBSP Truvia

3 TBSP water

5 oz Almonds

Preheat oven to 300.

Mix first 3 ingredients, add almonds an coat well.

Pour onto a cookies sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Stir the almonds making sure they are well coated and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Remove from oven, stir and allow to cool. Measure into 5 1-oz portions and enjoy your protein filled 180 calorie snack!


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2 thoughts on “Crazy with a plan

  1. Cherche on said:

    totally inspired – I need to try those almonds..

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