1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

The best laid plans…

I had this weeks meals planned all out. I was (for once) super organized. I’d done the shopping the prep, had a beautiful menu printed up and was ready to go.

Then I remembered that I had sewing class tonight (one of those hobbies I was supposed to be keeping track of with this blog) and would need to leave right from work and wouldn’t be back until around 10:30 tonight. So the roasted veggies and quinoa and grilled chicken breast that I was supposed to make tonight obviously weren’t happening. 

I didn’t really want to eat a sandwich again but there was no way I was going to attempt to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant. So I made up a bag of salad to take with me.

I started with one of those pre-made salad kids (lite caesar), added in some different lettuce, a few ounces of the chicken I had shredded yesterday and a few olives. I tossed it all in a ziplock back and shook it around.

Then I tossed it in my bag, headed to class and ate my bagged salad before I started my awesome new sweater. 

Bag salad turned out really yummy and pretty convenient as far as travel food goes.



So I’m thinking my travel salad may be on the menu more often!



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