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Taco Tuesday!

I’m from Texas y’all. And because of that I love love LOVE Mexican food. I love enchiladas and tacos and fajitas. Most importantly I love chips and salsa. Can’t live without it. Salsa it turns out isn’t all that diet busting, but chips? The chips will kill you. 

I had a major craving for Mexican food tonight (despite eating it almost every day of my vacation last week). So I decided to make some tacos tonight but to make them as more of a lettuce wrap instead of using tortillas. I had some great big romaine leaves and figured I’d stuff them with some chicken (cooked up with some salsa) and a little bit of Mexican spiced brown rice, a few veggies and some cheese. 

These would have been amazing… if I’d waited for the filling to cool down. As it was, I put the piping hot chicken and rice in the lettuce and the leaves immediately began to wilt. Booo. I soldiered on and ate the filling on a few baked tortilla chips along with a little more salsa.

The only thing missing is a margarita (and copious amounts of queso) maybe next time…Image



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