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Can I eat that?

Frozen pizza? Probably not without ruining my diet. But I got home and realized I hadn’t thawed the steak I was supposed to cook for dinner.

So frozen pizza was back on the menu. To make it worse was one of those Tostino $1 pizzas that I keep around for when my nephews visit. Not great.

1 serving (1/2 pizza) is 370 calories. Not terrible for my dinner. I just had to make sure that I only ate half and didn’t pig out on the whole thing.

So I roasted up a ton of veggies and ate them first. Sweet potato, broccoli and zucchini roasted til nice and charred sprinkled with sea salt and chili powder. They we great!

So the pizza was an afterthought not the star of the meal but it did allow me a bit of a ‘cheat’ without really cheating at all.

I generally hate veggies. Or I grew up thinking that. There were very few I’d like to eat. The fact that the majority of the veggies I ate were from a can probably didn’t help. Over the years I’ve tried to like vegetables, some I’ve come to love others I still can’t stand. Finding veggies I love and a way to cook them that made me want to eat them FIRST and not as an afterthought was difficult but I found out that I’ll eat just about any veg if it’s a bit blackened.


What are you favorite ways to eat your veggies?


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5 thoughts on “Can I eat that?

  1. I love rolling up my veggies in parchment paper. Really locks in the nutrients but brings out the flavour. Mhmm delicious!

  2. blueviking on said:

    The good thing about those Tostino’s pizzas is that they hardly have any cheese on them. 😉

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