1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

The night before

Tomorrow is my weekly weigh in. I’ve been cheating and stepping on the scale a few days this week so I think I’ll be happy with the results but it’s still a little nerve wracking.

I feel like it’s the night before a big test, or auditions or something. Butterflies in the tummy and I’m going over everything I’ve done in the past week to prepare. I’m worried I messed up even though I know I’m ready.

I think this week will be fine it’s the ones that come after that I’m most worried about. I’ve been careful this week but I’m worried about the weekend.

I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday and there is no way I’m skipping the mimosas!

With that said I know this is just the start of a long journey and I need to remember to just keep going.



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