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Lost Dog



Today was my weekly weigh in. I knew (logically) that it would be a good one, but the irrational part of my brain was convinced I’d fail. I was worried for nothing. I lost 5 lbs this week.  That’s the equivalent of a Chihuahua. Though that 5 lbs little bugger in the picture looks much cuter than the 5 lbs did on my hips!

This week was surprisingly good for me. I was able to eat meals that kept me full without going over my calorie allowance. I made good choices because of my planning  When I made a ‘bad’ food choice I tempered it with the good ones like eating veggies before the pizza, splitting a yummy cookie with a coworker and using less (but better) cheese.

With all that said, I can’t believe I lost 5 lbs. This week was probably too easy but it was a great start. I’m just getting started and I have a long way to go. I’ve lost a Chihuahua but I still need to lose a Labrador!  Or maybe another 14 Chihuahuas.

Apparently my body has turned into an animal shelter, but my ass is running out of space so I need to get these puppies shipped out ASAP.


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5 thoughts on “Lost Dog

  1. NewWifey on said:

    Keep writing! Love it! Congrats on the hard work & weight loss

  2. blueviking on said:

    Love the animal shelter metaphor. Seriously, congratulations on the 5 pounds… that’s a big deal!

  3. Love the title of this post really made me laugh! Keep up the good work!

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