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I pretty much lost a fat newborn

Last week it was a small puppy. This week (well the two weeks combined) it was a chubby baby.  4 more pounds this week for a total of 9LBS! NINE!  27ish years ago I was born and weighed in at a 9lbs. I was quite the chunker but soooooo cute. I basically lost baby-me.

I was freaking excited to see that loss this morning because with all of my back problems this week I was relying pretty much solely on watching what (and how much) I ate this week.

I guess it didn’t hurt that half the time I had little appetite because of the pain meds.

But I’m nearly completely pain free today. Or at least down to a much more manageable pain level and not a moment too soon because I have plans this weekend and I wasn’t looking forward to laying around in bed any more.

I’m going to the Stars game with some friends tomorrow night. And will probably have a few beers and a good amount of good but not good for losing weight food. So tonight I wen’t a bit healthier with dinner.

I made a fantastic peppered tuna steak with steamed green beans and spinach.

The recipe for this was pretty non-existent  I pretty much just mixed lots of pepper, some cayenne, paprika, and coriander in a shallow dish. I lightly oiled the tuna and then lightly pressed each side into the pepper mix. Then I cooked it in a hot pan for a few minutes on each side. I ever so slightly over cooked my steak because the pan was a bit too hot, but it was still fantastic.

I topped the green beans with some lemon zest and pepper and added a bit of nutmeg to the spinach. It was a great and easy meal. 

pepper crusted tuna steak


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One thought on “I pretty much lost a fat newborn

  1. blueviking on said:

    I’m jealous! I haven’t lost quite that much yet, but then I’ve been fighting a battle with Will Power. He and Met Abolism are kicking my butt. 😉

    Glad to hear that you’re feeling better!

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