1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

Bear Stuff (and you know, other things too)

New weekend, new vices.

I went to the Stars game last night with a friend. It was a blast. We walked to and from the American Airlines Center (which is just about a mile away from me) so I felt that mitigated the beers I had at the game. Right? I’m not a huge hockey fan at all but it was still fun and made even better because they WON! Go Stars! Of course we didn’t see the last 4 minutes because I was super hungry and because my ass was wet due to someone (not naming names) knocked my beer over and it soaked my left butt-cheek.

After the game we were planning on trying out the new coffee shop near me called Ascension. However when we walked in they let us know that the kitchen would be “closing fairly soon”. Bummer. Both because we didn’t know if that meant, sit down and order quickly (they were still open for at least 2 more hours) or if he was saying “unless you just want a drink you should probably leave” we decided to just leave.

So instead we went next door to the Moth. I knew we’d get good food there and their kitchen definitely didn’t close at 10! All the walking to and from the AAC may have made up for the beers I drank, but I’m not sure that it covered the zucchini chips and the half a loaf of french bread I devoured after the game. But you can’t eat mussels, with all that yummy sauce, without bread to soak it all up! That my dears is a fact. It’s just not possible. Or if it is possible, it shouldn’t be. Eating mussels without something to soak up all that saucy goodness is a travesty.

Then today I met up with some friends with the intent to go wedding gown shopping for one of the girls. We got a little distracted with some delicious pizza from Il Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum and then some wonderfully fun vintage stores and decided we’d save dress shopping for another day.


  Me and Kristy enjoying mimosas

We hit up Dolly Python on Haskell which was SO MUCH fun… though the store did leave us feeling a bit claustrophobic  They have some awesome vintage clothes (and some that had us a bit confused) and some fantastically eclectic items for your home. There was an amazing mounted bear wearing both a fez and a boxing glove that I wanted with all of my being. I think he would look great next to Regi (my elephant- remind me to tell you that story sometime) but I think my dog would probably be freaked out… and truthfully, waking up with a boxing bear starring down at me probably wouldn’t do much for my anxiety.


He’s not wearing the fez in this picture which is disappointing but he’s still pretty awesome right? I think I’d name him Oscar.

Alas, I left without the bear. He’s probably out of my price range, if he’s even for sale, because honestly I don’t think I’d be willing to part with him if he were mine! I did see several items of clothing that I may need to go back for later. They weren’t quite my style, but I have some ideas of how to make them into something I’d love. I start my sewing class again in February (and I added an alterations class as well) so I’m really excited to start some new projects.

After Dolly’s we went to a few more fun stores and then headed to Greenville Ave for a snack at Blue Goose and then finally finished our girls day out with some manicures.

We wen’t to A N Nails on Greenville because they have the BEST prices AND they do a great job. We didn’t have time for a pedicure as well, but a mani/pedi combo usually runs $32! I know right?

And that would be where out day ended except that the nail salon was two doors down from Condom Sense and what girls day out is complete without a sex store shopping trip? We mostly looked at the peen decorations for Lorna’s bachelorette party (is it Oct yet?) and there may or may not have been some risqué purchases 😉

It was a great weekend with some great girls and I’m not going to worry too much about the not so great for me eating I did these past two days. The indulgences today should last me through the week, but I have some yummy things planned for dinners that won’t have me breaking the scale next weigh in!

Hope everyone else had an equally awesome weekend!


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