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The more they stay the same

Today was my weekly weigh in day. There was no change from last week. Bummer.

On the bright side I hadn’t gained any weight.

Keep the Faith

So I’m trying to remember that the weight isn’t just going to melt away. There will be good days and bad days, weeks where I loose, weeks were I gain (hopefully not many), weeks were the number on the scale doesn’t change. But it’s about more than just that number.

It’s about learning to make smart choices. It’s about finding a healthier and happier me. It’s about getting my ass off the couch and doing something. And I’ve taken steps to make sure that all of those goals are met. I am more than a number!

One of the hardest things for me has been the attitude in my office of  ‘food as a reward’ we get donuts when we’ve had a good week, or pizza for lunch. Someone brings in homemade fajitas for the office because we all pitched in on a difficult situation. Sometimes I cave in and let myself indulge (and maybe even overindulge) but other times I’ve been really good about treating myself to the yums without going overboard… and remembering that I can make up for a caloric breakfast or lunch by sticking to a lighter dinner and going for an extra long walk in the evening.

I’m also super psyched because I now have a membership (and a complimentary one at that!) for the Hilton Anatole’s Verandah Health Club. The place is amazing. They have some awesome amenities like:

  • cardio and strength training
  •  25-meter indoor lap pool
  •  outdoor play pool
  •  ¼-mile secure outdoor track
  •  full court basketball court
  •  racquetball and squash courts
  •  aerobics classroom
  •  boxing gym
  •  kinesis and spinning room
  • whirlpools, steam and sauna rooms

I’m especially excited to get into the pool to swim some laps. With my recent back issues I think it’s just the thing I need (though getting into a swimsuit isn’t high on the list of things I want to do, OH THE HORROR!).  I can’t say I’m not looking forward to using the steam rooms or whirlpools either.

It looks like they have some awesome group classes and the best thing about it is that it’s about 1/2 a mile away. I can walk over when I go during the day though because of the neighborhood I’ll probably drive if I go at night.

I’m ready to put this week behind me a keep heading forward.  Because if I allow myself to quit or even slow down now it’s just means it will take me that much longer when I start back up.





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3 thoughts on “The more they stay the same

  1. blueviking on said:

    Keeping the faith is where it’s at. As long as you know that you’re exercising more and eating better (even with the occasional slip-up or indulgence), and you keep the motivation level high (a reward at the end, possibly?), you will eventually attain your goals, even if it takes a bit longer than you had hoped. I feel your pain. 🙂

    Have fun at the gym, and don’t be too self-conscious to get in a good workout! Most of the people at the gym are more worried about themselves anyway.

  2. Awesome attitude to keep and remember that some weeks are better than others. Can’t wait to hear about the Health Club…keep moving forward!

    • it’s not been so easy to keep a good attitude in the past but I figure it’s the only way to make this work.

      I’m excited about the health club. I have a new swimsuit headed my way and I can’t wait to start swimming!

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