1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

Dance your ass off

I got to go to the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball last night and let me tell you, that bitch can put on a show!

I got tickets for a friend and myself through It’s basically Priceline for concert and sports tickets I managed to get tickets with a face value of over $80 for $30. It was awesome. And anyone who actually paid $80 for those tickets was insane.

We were literally in the highest row. There was NOTHING behind us. And I had a panic attack when we first got to the seats. I managed to survive with lots of alcohol. LOTS.

The show was fantastic. That woman can sing and dance and her mind is bizarre but it’s fun to watch. So the most random/disturbing/WTF moment was when a giant pair of legs with a VERY pregnant inflatible belly showed up on stage…. and Gaga proceeded to give birth to herself.

I have to say the pregnant balloon was pretty fierce in her fishnets and what I’m pretty sure was a belly button ring. Let’s not forget the zipper labia. Gaga birthed herself through a giant vag and out a zipper pussy. Damn Gina what will you come up with next?

Gaga’s about to give birth to herself!

So I spent a good 2 hours singing my heart out and dancing my ass off.

After the show we decided to hit up Round-Up Saloon. It’s Gaga’s unofficial after show stop in Dallas and one of my favorite bars in the gaybourhood. We stuck around for about 2 hours dancing with a bunch of people including one hot ass chick in leather tights and a spiked bra and a fabulous queen in a red sequined robe and 5″ heels. AHHHH I love the ‘hood.

A little before 2am I decided that I’m too old to be out like that and that I didn’t want to stick around any longer. My friend agreed. We were quite convinced that Gaga would show up as soon as we left but we checked this morning and apparently she didn’t show. Bummer… but I was glad to know that we didn’t leave only for her to show up 3 minutes later.

At any rate the night was super fun. I’m pretty sure I got a good work out. Between walking allllll those steps to my seats at the concert and dancing around all night.

I may have had a few too many cocktails (wish I’d had a kolonapin at the start of the show!) but I countered it by getting off my ass and watching what I ate.


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