1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

I’m a little nuts

It’s really no secret that I’m a tad crazy. This week hasn’t helped to squash the crazy.


About 2 weeks ago I ran out of my anxiety meds and hadn’t made an appt to see my doctor. I had already done a call in when I didn’t have a refill so I really needed to see him (finally did this thrusday). So… first few days off I didn’t notice anything. Then around day 4 it hit me. Thankfully not the real hard to get through depression, but I was a mess.

I was irritable and bitchy. I was getting teary over the stupidest things. I was frustrated with myself and everyone around me. I couldn’t sleep for anything. I think in 6 days I had about 4 hours of quality sleep. That went on for a little over a week and I felt murderous.

Honestly it hasn’t gotten much better yet, but I am back on my Zoloft and I’ve got a great sleep med to help me get some rest and hopefully a few more days will get me back to something resembling normality.

This week has been nuts though, nuts. Work has been stressful and things there just haven’t gone my way. And then Thursday night I received a text from my little sister that my mom was in the hospital and was going to have surgery.

She’d been having issues with her gallbladder and some problem with her kidney and was supposed to find out next week what they were going to do. But apparently the pain had gotten too bad so she headed to the ER. They admitted her and were planning on surgery that night. 

I asked if I should come down and was told no. Then about 30 minutes later I got a call asking if I could come. They decided to wait until 7:30 on Friday morning to do the procedure and no one was going to be able to get out of work or school to stay with her. 

So at about 10:30pm I headed down. It’s just about a 2 hour drive so no too bad. But needless to say it was another night with little sleep. And then a day stuck in the hospital basically watching my mom sleep and say ridiculous things when she was awake and high on pain meds.

She’s back at home now and so am I and I’m looking forward to a boring normal week. Fingers crossed that I get it!


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