1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

Under my umbrella-ella-ella

I’ve been worried/stressed/bummed lately and all for… nothing. Life is actually going pretty well for me right now. Work’s not going completely my way (but so is the way of sales) but I’ve got great friends, I’ve found some really fun hobbies and generally speaking things are good.

Of course you can’t tell that to my anxiety and depression. It’s definitely not as bad as it can be, but I’m trying to work through it. I’m back on my meds which is definitely good and hopefully in a week or two I’ll be feeling better again.

For a few weeks I was having difficulty sleeping. Anxiety during the day sucks, but I HATE anxiety when I’m trying to sleep. Hell even when I manage to fall asleep I have the most stressful dreams and wake up less than rested. 

My doctor proscribed a sleep aid that also works for nighttime anxiety and it has seemed to be helping a little. 

So because of the anxiety and depression and general bitchiness from lack of sleep my eating habits have definitely backslid lately. I’m working on putting together a new weekly menu and going grocery shopping tomorrow that will hopefully help me to feel a bit better. 

I’m trying to work out of this funk and to remember that things are actually looking up for me right now. I need to stop thinking about the worst possible scenarios and enjoying the sunshine while it’s out.



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