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Catching Up

I’ve been away awhile again. Told you I’d suck at this didn’t I?

Last week was baaaaaad for healthy eating. I just couldn’t get it together. There were way too many fast food wrappers in my trash can. But I made Sunday my last ‘eating like a pig’ day and started back up this Monday.

Sunday morning I had a brunch planned at work. Pancakes and bacon and lots of mimosas were a very happy and caloric start to the day. At that evening I hosted a Lia Sophia party with my friend Lorna. She sells the jewelery and it’s really cute. I generally hate sales parties (so why the hell was I hosting right?) but the stuff is cute and it was definitely low key on the sales. I did a Breakfast Before Bed theme which meant brunch foods again and even MORE mimosas.

I attempted to make Cinnamon Roll French Toast and was mostly successful, however I did end up with the weird eggy bits on the bottom…

So pretty much we just sat around eating bacon and cinnamon rolls, drinking mimosas, watching the Oscars and looking at pretty jewelry. I did end up ordering quite a bit though… it’s freaking cute!

But once Sunday was over I decided to get back on track. I’m back to logging in on MFP and paying attention to how much I eat. And I feel better about that. 

I did NOT however feel great when I got massively sick with absolutely no warning yesterday afternoon. It lasted about 4 hours and left me dehydrated and headache-y  but the worst bit was the complete lack of warning. I went from feeling great to horrible in a split second. And today I’m almost back to 100%. 

Now all I need to do is make it through the week and prepare a grocery list for this weekend. 


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One thought on “Catching Up

  1. blueviking on said:

    I know what you mean… it’s been a couple weeks for me now too. You just get busy doing other things and coming up with a blog entry takes a back seat. It’s not for lack of stuff to write about… it’s just time management and priorities, huh?

    I’ve hit a small plateau phase, so I feel your pain in the fitness goals dept. too. 😉

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