1 part therapy + 2 parts wine

St. Patrick’s Day Fail

We had a big St. Patrick’s Day brunch at work today. I was (as always) in charge of making the mimosas. We were making them green in the spirit of the holiday.

The first bottle of champagne that I opened shot out rather quickly, but I was able to get it to the container pretty quickly. The next 4 were ok. Then came number 6. That one sprayed RIGHT in my eyes. 

Champagne HURTS when it’s sprayed in your eyes!

But despite that bit of fail the brunch did turn out well. The mimosas were good (and green thanks to blue food coloring!). The omelets were fluffy and savory. And everyone was in high spirits… even the guys who were really really  hung over from the Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade and Block Party yesterday. 

We should have offered a bowl of ibuprofen!

The rest of this St. Patrick’s Day will be devoted to catching up with the TV shows I missed this week and finishing off those green mimosas! 

Happy Holiday that American’s Celebrate by Getting Wasted While True Irish People Wonder WTF We’re Doing… Can’t wait for  Cinco de Mayo when we do the same thing except with margaritas!


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