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Pain in the ass


I slipped yesterday and fell right on my rump. It hurt a bit then but I was hoping that I could just ‘walk it off’. But I woke up today in a lot more pain. 

Turns out I bruised my tailbone and pulled a muscle in my back.

Sitting hurts, laying on my back hurts, walking hurts.

I spent the day laying on my stomach watching Hoarders and listening to Boston Police scanners.

This only makes the problems I’ve been having with my neck and back worse. I’m tired of feeling like I’m falling apart!

Oh the places you will go….

With a toddler.

My niece turned 2 last week and I told my sister I’d take her to the zoo for her birthday.

It’s one of those things I love to do but feel like I can’t go alone… but I can go if I have a kid with me (like those cartoon movies that are secretly awesome for adults!).

When I arrived to pick her up she was super excited to go with me.

Until we pulled out of the driveway and she realized her mom wasn’t coming with us.

The crying/yelling didn’t last long. Just a few blocks (because if it had been longer I’d have been taking her back and heading back to bed!) and then she was chattering in untranslatable toddler speak.

Every question I asked was responded to with: Huh? and then answered when I repeated.


But the zoo was fun. Despite quite a few animals being asleep or super boring.

We did get to meet a super awesome porcupine:



Who was amazingly adorable and apparently loves apples and sweet potatoes (and ‘rodent chow’).

We also met the most awesome penguin duo:



They were quite the adventurers and we had a blast watching as they ran way (INTO THE CROWD) from their owners! Amazing!

We did have a blast. Though my niece apparently was more excited by pigeons than parrots!

Still a great day out!

It all starts with a plan

I spent my day off shopping for patterns and fabric for my spring wardrobe. 

And I found some amazing fabrics and patterns.

I’m really anxious to see how it will all turn out. And I absolutely cannot wait to accessorize and turn these dresses into full ‘looks’!


I started out at Jo-Ann’s and took advantage of their $0.99 McCalls pattern sale. I found four dress patterns that I loved but it took me a looooong time to find fabric that would work.

The first I found was this:



Right off the bat I LOVED the peekaboo back. But I just couldn’t find a fabric that I would work. I found this fun semi floral print that’s silky and light and will be perfect for summer.

Then I was sad to find that there wasn’t a single other fabric that I liked at the store.

So I stopped for lunch and then headed to Hancock’s.

Right off the bat I found a print that was AH-MAZ-ING. But it was $15/yd… bummer.

I looked around a bit more and found this gem on the value shelf. Only $5/yd!



It was kismet. I loved the print, loved the feel of the fabric and it looks like it’s going to be perfect for the flow-y maxi dress.

I was wandering around and couldn’t find anything else that would work with the patterns I’d purchased.  And then I saw the cutest, springy-est plaid that would work GREAT with the shirt dress pattern I had! Woo hoo!


After all of that I was still really upset about the first pattern/fabric I’d seen in Hancock’s that was just too expensive.

Then I remembered that I had a 40% off coupon and I was sooooo freaking excited, because it’s still a little pricey but I can make that work!

ImageEspecially for a Diane Von Furstenberg knock off!


I can’t wait to get started. And definitely can’t wait to see the finished results!


Window shopping

I hate it.

I always find something I absolutely want that just isn’t in the cards for me to buy at the moment.

Today… it was houses.

Bored at work during a lull and I started looking at houses for sell. And not the “if I won the lottery” houses but like normal,” I could live there” houses.

And I fell in love.


But I’m so not in the position to buy right now. I’m on my own, not sure if I actually want to stay in this city, and don’t have an adequate down payment prepared.

But I really freaking love this house.


Look at this front porch:


It has a great back yard, huge windows, and a nice deck in the back too.

I really need to stay away from the internet.

Oh well. Maybe in a few more years…


I need new ones.

I’ve woken up nearly every morning this week with horrible neck pain.

I look like the freaking tin man every time someone talks to me and I have to turn my entire upper body to make eye contact. 

When you search Amazon for ‘pillows’ something like 800,000 results show up.

If you further search for ‘pillows neck pain’ you’re down to 635 results… better but still more than I’d like to wade through. And some are crazy expensive!

Any ideas on a good pillow? One that doesn’t require me to take out a loan and/or sell a kidney? How the heck are pillows so freaking pricey?

So freaking annoying

When people show up 2 minutes before you close at work and want you to help them… when it easily takes at least 15 minutes to show them around and get information on what they want.

It really makes me want to ask where they work and show up right before they close for the day and ask a bajillion questions so that they can’t leave on time.

The only thing worse is when it happens on a Friday.

But today was Monday and I was starving because I didn’t eat much for lunch. And I really just wanted to go home. But NO. Someone walks in literally 2 minutes before closing and wanted to see an apartment. To make it worse he had no idea when he wanted to move or really what he was looking for.

PSA: when looking for an apartment have a good idea of when you want to move, a REAL budget, and what you’re looking for (one or two bedrooms? bedroom big enough for a king? lots of light? next to the pool?) Answering the question “when are you planning to move and what are you looking for” with “I’m not sure, I can move whenever and I don’t know, a one or two bedroom, just depends” especially when you won’t state a price range is infuriating.


Is it the weekend yet?

Genius idea?

As I contemplated my not yet chilled glass of Pinot Grigio I decided that frozen peaches were the solution.

They wouldn’t water down the wine and the resulting boozy fruit was an added (delicious) bonus!

Bon appetite! Or whatever the equivalent is for enjoy your drink en Français.



Starting over…

So I completely fell off the ‘losing weight’ band wagon.

But I need to start over.

So I’m gonna.


Like as soon as I’m finished with this bottle of wine.

Or at least by the end of the weekend.

Or something.

I’m definitely not staying fat forever.



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