1 part therapy + 2 parts wine


I need new ones.

I’ve woken up nearly every morning this week with horrible neck pain.

I look like the freaking tin man every time someone talks to me and I have to turn my entire upper body to make eye contact. 

When you search Amazon for ‘pillows’ something like 800,000 results show up.

If you further search for ‘pillows neck pain’ you’re down to 635 results… better but still more than I’d like to wade through. And some are crazy expensive!

Any ideas on a good pillow? One that doesn’t require me to take out a loan and/or sell a kidney? How the heck are pillows so freaking pricey?


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2 thoughts on “Pillows

  1. blueviking on said:

    My only advice is… choose a “natural” pillow (e.g. feather, buckwheat hulls, etc.) rather than a foam pillow. A good feather pillow will give you the support you need, but also adapt to the natural shape of your head better. You can even get fairly decent feather pillows at your local Walmart, for not too much money.

  2. Relating!! I think it depends on what position you usually sleep in and how much you usually move around during the night. I sleep on my side and I’ve been training myself not to move too much (ie. on to my front which doesn’t help my neck pain) so a thin memory foam pillow works best for me so far (tried LOADS – how good/bad they are doesn’t seem to relate to the price btw). Memory foam isn’t great for acrobatic sleepers as it has to reshape each time you move. Apparently you need to aim for a ‘neutral’ neck pillow ie a pillow that leaves your head in the neutral position that it’s in when you stand against a wall with good posture – depends how much gap there is to fill.. I don’t think there’s one answer for everyone (otherwise we’d all be buying the same pillow right!). Good luck!

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