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Last night I ‘dragged’ a few friends out to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert Musical. I watched the original movie tons when I was in High School and was thrilled to see that the musical version was coming to Dallas.

One friend had no idea what she was getting into. The other two (my gay boys) had seen it, but only one knew it. The other (my bff) had been forced to watch by his BF but didn’t really get it.

The show was fabulous. It was even better because Tick reminded me so much of my BFF.

Seriously in the scene (above) when he was wearing cargo pants and the socks over the ankle… I was quite positive that BFF has worn the same outfit.

Plus they have the same dance moves.


But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a secret love child hiding because he’s super squicked out by the thought of vagina.

I’m pretty sure he’d faint if he actually saw one. Let alone get close enough to touch one.


But back to the show.


It was fun. Though there was a distinct lack of ABBA, the music was fun. I LOVED Felicia’s Like a Virgin and ESPECIALLY Material Girl…. damn those boys looked fine in their glittery bikinis and leashes!


Spoiler Alert:



There are some fine ass men in this show. See at your own… oh who are we kidding. Go see it now. It’s fucking hilarious, and the boys are pretty. 

So some of the Aussie accents were lacking. And the kid who played Benji was overacting and a half. But it was worth it.

It was one of the most entertaining nights I’ve had recently. At least sober.


Of course there waaaaaas Star Trek Into Darkness.


That also had lots of pretty boys (and girls) (and vulcans). And was action packed and made a Trekkie out of me…. I love me some Chris Pines. And Zachary Quinto. And Zoe Saldana. And Benedict Cumberbatch. And… well a whole lot more ’cause the cast is fucking hot. 

So really. I’ve had a great week of entertainment. 


Hopefully this weekend will be more of the same.


Ok, it will probably involve Fast and the Furious “the number of ‘packs’ Vin Diesel would have if her were a regular human”.

Pretty much no plot but lots of hot boys. Which is really all I’m looking for in an afternoon of entertainment. And it’s significantly cheaper than the strip clubs.


While speaking with some of my online friends this week we discussed collective nouns for different groups.

Did you know a group of crows is a murder?

Whales form a pod, and when owls are together they’re a parliament.

So we started to brainstorm what to call other groups.

A gossip of mothers? You can see that right? 


What do you call a group of hipsters?

A douche? A moustache? A microbrew? A fad? A brooklyn? A pretention?

And then it happened.


A trend of hipsters.

As I watched a trend of hipsters pass my office window, one of them tripped and broke his glasses.


This is a thing now. Make it happen.



Also toying with the ideas of:

A kardashian of fauxlebrities.

A facepalm of politicians.

A crunch of hippies.

A protest of activists.


Yes? No? What say you?

Best Blog I’ve read about depression

I’ve struggled with depression for a long time.

I’ve squashed it by being outgoing and super personable all while feeling…. nothing.

No one seemed to know quite what that felt about until today.

When I read Hyperbole and a Half‘s latest blog post I finally felt like someone understood.

Depression isn’t sadness. It’s a black hole that sucks away all feeling. 

And it’s compounded by the fact that your friends just don’t understand the ’cause’ of it or why you can’t ‘snap out of it’.

I fucking tried,

It didn’t work.

At best I could do was camouflage my (lack of) emotions so as to seem carefree and fun. But I was mostly just hoping I could stop caring about the few things left in my life that kept me alive.

Basically, Lily, my dog.

I remember once breaking down sobbing to my (then) roommate wondering what would happen to Lily if I died. I was relieved to know that he would take her, but I still couldn’t be comfortable knowing she’d be without me. And I knew she needed me. 

My friends/family were also a consideration though somehow not as much.

I understood that my death would hurt them, I mostly couldn’t care about that though. 

Luckily I realized that the place I was in was unhealthy and didn’t have to be permanent. So I got help and I’m not (mostly) feeling better.


But I was happy to finally see that someone understood what I’d gone through for so long. 


So thank you Allie!

Team player?

I just joined for the free shirt.

But seriously, how did I get roped into playing sand volleyball?

I HATE sand. Also, I’m super uncoordinated. 

Yet there I am playing volleyball for the first time since like 6th grade.

Worse than that I’m wearing <gasp> SHORTS in public! 

What on earth have I gotten into?!??!

But in all reality it’s really fun. Mostly I drink and swear when I hit miss the ball and fall flat on my face.

Or hit the ball with my chest.

Or better yet my face.

YUP. Guess who’s sporting a nice blackish/green eye. <points to self> THIS GIRL!

Seriously though I’m having way more fun with this Sand Volleyball league than I’d’ve thought and from the burn in my legs I’m hoping it will help me get at least a little in shape!

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