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Pain in the ass


I slipped yesterday and fell right on my rump. It hurt a bit then but I was hoping that I could just ‘walk it off’. But I woke up today in a lot more pain. 

Turns out I bruised my tailbone and pulled a muscle in my back.

Sitting hurts, laying on my back hurts, walking hurts.

I spent the day laying on my stomach watching Hoarders and listening to Boston Police scanners.

This only makes the problems I’ve been having with my neck and back worse. I’m tired of feeling like I’m falling apart!

Ice Ice Baby

I’m freezing. Both because it’s fairly cold outside and because I’m sitting on an ice pack. I’m also in too much pain to get up and turn the heat on in my apartment.

I’m still walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I was walking semi-normally for a while during the day but that was primarily because of the hydrocodone I was prescribed. As soon as that wore off I was back to walking at a 90* angle.

I did go to the chiropractor today and that was interesting. Despite the fact that a good number of my extended relatives are chiros I haven’t been to one since grade school. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I would do just about anything at this point if it meant I could walk like a normal human… as it is I look like I’m devolving.

It was pretty good for a while. Had some electrode thingamabobs stuck to my back. That felt pretty awesome. Then I got to lay down on this fancy waterbed thing. It was like laying on hot tub without getting wet. Also pretty awesome.

Then came the adjustment. Which pretty much freaked the fuck out of me. But also felt ok.

I made it home fine but then the last of the pain meds must’ve worn off because I’m in PAIN!

I’m supposed to be icing my back (instead of heat like I’ve been doing) so my ass is freezing right now. I took another pill (and swallowed it with wine) so the pain is starting to dissipate again. I am itchy like a motherfucker though. I’m a little worried I might scratch my skin off!

So… not much on the weight loss front. I’m not terribly hungry so I’m not eating too many calories but I’m definitely wine-ing it up tonight in hopes that I’ll stop feeling my back!

The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:

My coworker texted me this morning that I should check my online paystub. I wasn’t quite sure why because payday isn’t until Friday and the paystubs aren’t available until the day before. But I did. And we’re gettting a $2000 bonus tomorrow! WOO HOO! Mama needs a new pair of shoes! Also I’ll probably put extra towards my car payment or something else responsible. But there will definitely be shoes.


The bad:

Yesterday was not a good day for weight loss. I went to brunch for a bridal shower and had too many mimosas and chips and salsa. I also ate a some delicious chilaquiles (though I only ate half the order so I was a little good).

The shower was fun. There were no games, thank the heavens because I despise shower games, just good food, lots of booze (can you say $1 mimosas?) and great conversation. Ok so this really wasn’t all bad in fact it was mostly good. Pretty much anything can be made better with mimosas. They’re like sunshine and happiness in a champagne flute! All bubbly and tart and healthy. Wait what? Ok maybe not healthy but they have vitamin C right? And that’s good. DON’T SHATTER MY DELUSIONS!


There were also lots of panties… it was a lingerie party. The bride-to-be’s future wife is going to be verrrrrry happy with us!

The ugly:

I’m walking around like Quasimodo.


I woke up yesterday with a backache. Nothing horrible just niggling lower back pain. I was a little stiff and there would be a sharp pain if I moved too quickly but it was mostly manageable.

But when a friend mentioned getting a mani/pedi I thought maybe I could go with her and get a massage.

Bad idea.

The massage felt great while I was on the table but when it was over and I tried to get up I realized that I could barely move without pain. Trying to put on pants was a challenge to say the least. I struggled to put my clothes back on and grab my bag and shuffled out the door like an arthritic octogenarian. I managed to suffer through my friend finishing her manicure by downing white wine and sitting in the pedicure massage chair (which incidentally left me feeling better than the actual massage).

After that I basically went home and crashed and vowed to go to see a doctor.

So today when I was finally able to drag myself from my bed and dress myself (not an easy task when you’re walking around at a 90* angle) I headed to the Urgent Care Clinic. I was worried that I’d be stuck in a waiting room full of flu zombies, but it was pretty empty. Just a few other people and they seemed to be (mostly) living.

I was in and out in about an hour and headed to the pharmacy.

So I am now in a narcotic induced haze feeling moderately better (though I still look like I should be hidden away in a bell tower). I had a friend take my dog for the night because taking her to the bathroom was far too difficult. And I’m not planning to move from my bed except to pee.

I’m hoping this doesn’t set me back too much. I’m going to have to focus even more on my meals because there isn’t likely to be much activity in my immediate future.

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