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Oh the places you will go….

With a toddler.

My niece turned 2 last week and I told my sister I’d take her to the zoo for her birthday.

It’s one of those things I love to do but feel like I can’t go alone… but I can go if I have a kid with me (like those cartoon movies that are secretly awesome for adults!).

When I arrived to pick her up she was super excited to go with me.

Until we pulled out of the driveway and she realized her mom wasn’t coming with us.

The crying/yelling didn’t last long. Just a few blocks (because if it had been longer I’d have been taking her back and heading back to bed!) and then she was chattering in untranslatable toddler speak.

Every question I asked was responded to with: Huh? and then answered when I repeated.


But the zoo was fun. Despite quite a few animals being asleep or super boring.

We did get to meet a super awesome porcupine:



Who was amazingly adorable and apparently loves apples and sweet potatoes (and ‘rodent chow’).

We also met the most awesome penguin duo:



They were quite the adventurers and we had a blast watching as they ran way (INTO THE CROWD) from their owners! Amazing!

We did have a blast. Though my niece apparently was more excited by pigeons than parrots!

Still a great day out!

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