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While speaking with some of my online friends this week we discussed collective nouns for different groups.

Did you know a group of crows is a murder?

Whales form a pod, and when owls are together they’re a parliament.

So we started to brainstorm what to call other groups.

A gossip of mothers? You can see that right? 


What do you call a group of hipsters?

A douche? A moustache? A microbrew? A fad? A brooklyn? A pretention?

And then it happened.


A trend of hipsters.

As I watched a trend of hipsters pass my office window, one of them tripped and broke his glasses.


This is a thing now. Make it happen.



Also toying with the ideas of:

A kardashian of fauxlebrities.

A facepalm of politicians.

A crunch of hippies.

A protest of activists.


Yes? No? What say you?

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