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Pain in the ass


I slipped yesterday and fell right on my rump. It hurt a bit then but I was hoping that I could just ‘walk it off’. But I woke up today in a lot more pain. 

Turns out I bruised my tailbone and pulled a muscle in my back.

Sitting hurts, laying on my back hurts, walking hurts.

I spent the day laying on my stomach watching Hoarders and listening to Boston Police scanners.

This only makes the problems I’ve been having with my neck and back worse. I’m tired of feeling like I’m falling apart!

Hello, my name is Procrastinator

One month after Christmas and I JUST took down my Christmas tree. The Christmas tree that I never finished decorating in the first place. To say I have a procrastination problem is an understatement of epic proportions.

Generally I like to gloss over my procrastination my saying that I work best under the pressure of a deadline, but in cases like taking down my Christmas tree or organizing my linen closet there isn’t the same urgency. At least not for me.

But I’m applying the same attitude I’ve had about working out- just get up and start even if it’s just a few minutes- to my house work and I’m sloooooowly getting my apartment back to looking normal.


For a while there it looked like a Hoarders Started Kit had exploded in my studio apartment. Not a good look.

Ok truthfully it still looks that way because although I’m making myself tackle these projects I’m not going all super cleaning woman.

Yesterday I mentioned to SailorVee yesterday that

As has been said in the past “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” it’s overwhelming to think of the thousand miles but it’s not too bad think of one mile. One mile I can do. And tomorrow I can do another mile. And the next day…

I was talking about getting off my ass and getting started with my workouts, but I realized I really should apply it to the rest of my life. Cleaning and organizing my apartment (hell organizing my LIFE) is a huge challenge. But I can take it one task at a time. Today I can put away my Christmas decorations, tomorrow I can clean out my sewing corner, the day after I can organizer my book shelves. It may take a bit longer than if I popped some adderall and went to town, but I’ll get it done.

As Nike says ;Just Do It! (or said, do they still use this slogan?)

No more procrastinating! Probably. Or at least mostly no procrastinating. Or something. Whatever, I’m trying here!

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